The Kissing Hand

Back to School
{Favorite Lesson 1}

One of my all time favorite lessons to do with students is:
The Kissing Hand

Let me start by saying that when I originally had the idea to start a back to school series, I envisioned myself pulling out all of files and recreating my documents to share....

&&& then...

I thought teachers BEG, BORROW, and STEAL!
So, I pulled out my files and made a list of my favorite lessons.

None of these are my original ideas, so where can you quickly find your favorite lessons in one easy spot?????
{because I promise your lessons have been used before}

Pinterest of course!

So, I am going to put together Pinterest Boards for you guys to quickly find anything you need on these favorite lessons.


Back to Kissing Hand

I use this lesson to discuss feelings.
How do you feel the first day of school?

Are you anxious, nervous, scared, shy, happy, excited, sad?

We read the book and then we begin my favorite part.
What are feelings?
It is okay to have different feelings!

This link takes you directly to many ideas I have used for years
and a few new ones I can't wait to try out!

More Back to School Lessons to come!
I hope you enjoy using these to create your own lessons
and reach many lil hearts this year!

{Counseling Hearts}


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