Every year, when February rolls around, I do a unit on Kindness!  It is one of my favorite lessons.  I am stretched Kinder-7th grade with guidance lessons, so this is one topic I use for every grade level.  Taking a general topic like Kindness can be tweaked to reach various age levels.
Valentine’s is one of my favorite holidays!
{I know, I know, I know…. Romantic at heart!}

The core of the lesson!
For every grade level we discuss:
What is Kindness?
How do we show Kindness?
When and where can we be Kind?

With my little bitties, we discuss and I write either on butcher paper or the board.
With my older students, I have each student or group write something for each topic and we discuss.
{Writing variations: Hand out Sticky Notes, different colored HeArTs, let each group create a chart on butcher paper, etc.}
Originally I started Kindness during February because Random Acts of Kindness typically falls during that month.  I have had the Principal read Kindness Quotes each day during announcements.  I have had Random Acts of Kindness stickers that we have handed out.  Check out the site for great ideas:

Create a School Wide Kindness Environment!

Create a tree and when a child is caught doing an act of Kindness they can add a leaf to the tree!  I am thinking of doing a Heart Tree this year!
Then, each grade level creates a Valentine Craft!
Why? Because isn’t kindness --- LOVE???
I have learned that when my students come to me for a guidance lesson, the topic sticks when they have visuals or create!
Then, we take every craft and place in the library hall.
Every grade level completes something different!

Kinder: Caterpillar
1st grade: Ladybug
2nd grade: Frogs
3rd grade: Butterfly
4th grade: Crabs
5th grade: Monkey
6th grade: Create a heart collage.  They take old magazines and cut out pictures of Kindness.  We glue them on butcher paper and I cut it out in the shape of a VERY large heart!
7th grade: Crayon Hearts

I tape all the critters on the ceiling!

The kids love it!

{Counselor 2 Counselor}


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