Teen Anger {book review}

Two of my favorite books for helping teens and pre-teens deal with anger are:

The Anger Workbook for Teens helps students know how to control their anger and learn how to feel calm.  So many times, you will find students that live with anger on a daily basis to the point where they do not understand what calm feels like.  The workbook helps students find healthy ways to express their feelings by creating a game plan and setting goals.

Mindfulness for Teen Anger is another great workbook I love to use that helps students discover the roots of their anger.  As counselors, we often have teachers that will say: "he doesn't control his anger, she gets mad over the littlest things."  However, as counselors we know that the immediate issue is typically not the root of the problem.  Students need to be able to find those underlying issues, so they can successfully move from anger to a state of happiness.

Poster Boards

Outside my office I have a magnet clip that I use to change out posters with inspirational quotes!  You will be surprised how many students comment and notice when I change the poster!

My favorite place to find fun and cute quotes is etsy.com

You can find an endless amount of instant downloads that are ready to be
printed and laminated!

(They have several educational posters to print)

Some of the quotes I frame or plaster all over my office door.

I also change out this bulletin board outside my office!

Just sharing a fun way to inspire your students!