Leave Me Alone!

I found a new book!!!!

I want to shout that....
and I love it.

We are working really hard to stay on top of Bullying.
One of the new components I am trying to push with teachers and students
is to reiterate that bystanders play a VERY active role in bullying.

This book does a wonderful job showing how to stand up to a bully and why!
I am so excited to use it with my little ones.

From Barnes and Noble:
"In this sensitively told story, a little boy is feeling sad because every day he has to face a bully. But the little boy also has friends. A frog, a cat, a rabbit, a cow, and other animal friends insist on helping him, even after he tells them: "There's nothing you can do for me/ There's nothing you can say." Fortunately, he is mistaken, because the next time the bully approaches, they all join with him and shout, "LEAVE HIM ALONE!" And it works! The bully turns around and goes away. Author Kes Gray's gently clever use of rhyming verse gives a difficult subject a wonderfully light touch. Large color illustrations on every page capture the spirit of a story that will have special meaning for many little boys and girls."

My Office

I decided to show a few pics of my office...
My home away from home!

{look past the piles and mess}

Now remember I am K-12th grade!
So my office is not overly elementary!
I also have an AMAZING storage closet.
{maybe I should show that}
My closet is where I keep my sand tray, games, playdough,
more books, etc......

My bookshelf that my wonderful and talented husband made for me!

My favorite thing is....
My office door!  I created this from a Pinterest inspiration.
Since I am on two campuses all day, my high school
students will leave me notes when they need something.
I have a spot where they write transcript requests, and then also
a place where they can leave a note.
It has been amazing to have!

From the hallway into my office.

{Another Pinterest Inspiration}
My door TABLE!
My husband helped with this also!

This is a bulletin board outside my office.
I keep Senior/college related information on the book stand
and then our ACT/SAT info. on the bulletin board.

This is our Dual Credit Bulletin Board.
I keep all the forms on here, so they can pull them out as needed.

And finally another little bulletin board outside my office
for Seniors.  I am about to redo this one!

Making Gifts

I know I have been a little neglectful to my blog... I have been crazy busy with high school scheduling and teacher inservice!!!

I am about to head up to campus for one of my favorite church traditions...
A prayer walk!
Praying for our students, teachers, and administrators as we enter a new year!

Tomorrow is the First Day of School!!!

My kids will be entering First Grade and here are the gifts they made.

I want to do this...

I am trying to prepare for staff development next week.
I am required to do a bullying update for K-12th grade teachers.

I found this...

&&& HAD to share!

Wouldn't this be awesome to create in your school???

Check it out here:

{Video Link}

School Rules and More

Whether you are a teacher than will be teaching the rules of your classroom
a school counselor that will be reinforcing rules throughout the year....

New ideas are great and fresh!

I created a new {BoArD} to post many new ideas I found from other
great educators to share with you wonderful people!!!

{Counselor 2 Counselor}

Teaching Values

Great ideas at values.com

Thinking of using these great billboards with middle school!


Here's to more glitter,
more paintings,
more kites in the sky.
Here's to more hide and seek,
more hopscotch,
and a twinkle in every eye.
Here's to bike and pony rides.
And memories for miles.
Here's to nursery rhymes and fairy tales,
and never-ending smiles.
Here's to growing and learing and time for singing and dancing.
Here's to happily ever after and
having a second chance...

It's Beginning to Look a Lot...