I am...

Currently at the Bullying Conference with 5,000 students!!!

This is going to be great!

More to come...

Do you ever....

Have a day where you feel like this???

{No, not the cute kids smiling because they are having a BLAST at DW}

The beautiful step-sister????

Going EEEKKKK!!!!

{Let's hope my school picture for the yearbook doesn't turn out like this!}

This was a picture from our Disney World vacation from 2 years ago....

{I'm dreaming, I'm DREAMING.... of going to Disney World}

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Today's entry is going to be about...

What Disney means to me???

Disney is such a wonderful place for my family.
Yes, we had the honor of taking our twins two year ago, but
before that....
My husband and I went there on our Honeymoon.

Everyone say... "AWWWW!"

We had an absolute blast.
We still joke about going to get coconut cream pie in the middle of the night.
{Ohhhh, the Disney food!  Love it!}

Our little family of two, that has now doubled, started with a
Honeymoon to Disney World.

So, what does Disney mean to me?
More than I can explain or try to put into words.  My heart is full of joy when I think of Disney World. I think of starting our new marriage, I think of the first time we were able to take our children there, and I think {dream} of when we can go again and eventually take our grandchildren there.

What does Disney mean to me?
Love, laughter, memories, measuring every day to see if my little Addisyn was tall enough to ride splash mountain, waiting in line so my son can meet his hero Buzz Lightyear, fun, family time, and so much more!

Disney World is such a wonderful place to visit.  I promise you will have tears of joy, laughs to go with all those wonderful memories, and love in your heart for the Famous Walt!

I have a quote I keep in my counseling office from Walt Disney,
"It's Kind of fun to do the impossible!"

I often have people comment on it.  I tell students all the time...
"Don't say you can't, don't give up on your home life, don't let that kid continue to pick on you..."
"Do the impossible!"

So, today...
Don't have an EEEEKKKK! kind of day...

"Do the impossible!"

{Counselor 2 Counselor}


For many of you that might remind you of the classical Disney song or the movie! For my family, it reminds them of the moment when they can look up at mom and find a little sparkle in her eye...a tear of joy of course!

I really do not need an excuse to write about my Love for Disney! Everyone that knows me....will say - She LoVeS Disney!

But, but, but... For my fabulous blog fans... &&& for the opportunity to win a trip for my family. I have no shame in sharing this Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah moment.

At the opening of each day at Magic Kingdom the train comes in with all the Disney Characters singing and dancing. My favorite part is Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah!

&&& in that little moment my heart feels with joy and I ALWAYS look down at my twins sitting in their strollers to see their smiling faces!

&&& then the countdown to the park begins! My husband loves to look over and see the little tear. It gets me every time. It's the Disney Magic! The extra care they take. I feel like a kid again. I wish I could put into words the joy my heart feels when I get to share these special moments with my family. Really... Isn't that what life is all about?

Special moments that make you feel like your heart could burst. Special moments with your family. Special moments when my kids have my full attention. Special moments that I know will last a lifetime.

You have to experience it!

Check out www.bodylogicmd.com/contests to see how you can enter to win a Disney vacation!

&&& I hope you have a Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah DAY every day!

&&& don't forget to capture your families special moments!

Our special moment of... "I swear we go to Disney for the kids!!!"

Diarrhea Key

My 6 year old daughter ran into the living room exclaiming, "I can't find the key to my diarrhea!"

My response was, "you can't find what?"

"Mommy, my diarrhea key!!! Seriously!!!"

And this is what she handed me...

Helping kids with Divorce

I often see children that are having a hard time understanding why their parents are fighting, arguing, or in the process of getting a divorce.

While taking a lovely stroll through B&N....
&&& stopping to get some coffee!

I came across this book.

When My Parents Forget How To Be Friends.

It is a great kid friendly book that I think was really needed for my
It is a sweet book that reiterates to children that they are not
responsible for their parent's fighting or divorce.

Just thought I would share...
{counselor 2 counselor}

Beginning of Year

I just finished meeting with students over the past two weeks for our first Guidance Lesson.  

Every year I start off by reading a book that I create about myself.  It is nothing fancy!  Just a Big Book made from poster board that goes like this....

Welcome to Guidance
My name is Mrs. Harrell. (picture of me)
I am the school counselor. (silly picture of a school counselor)
However, I once was a student just like you. (pictures of me when I was in school)
I have a family. (pictures of my family)
I love my family and my family loves me. (more pictures of my family)
When I am not working, then I love to travel. (pictures on vacation)
This is my office. (picture of office)
My job is to help students solve problems and learn new things. (rest of book is clip art images)
I want you to be the best you can be! 
You can always come visit me when you need to talk to someone about
school, home, friends, or anything on your mind.
Everything you say to me stays in my office unless you are hurting yourself, hurting someone else, or someone is hurting you.  Then, I have to let someone else know, so you can be safe.
I will come visit with your class for Guidance lessons and teach you many new things to help you be a great person.
I also meet with students individually and in small groups.
I hope we have a great school year.

{Hope you can create a BIG book about yourself and add your special touch!}

{counseling hearts}

Disney World love

I am writing this blog post to share my love for Disney World.  My family has had the opportunity to go to Disney World in the past and the thing I love the most.... the MAGIC!  I know, I know, I know.... It sounds cheesy, but if you haven't experienced it - you should.

I really believe that as a family we only have a short time to make lots of memories together, and I cherish each of them.  When you are at Disney, the magic makes my heart smile.  The smile on my kids faces when they stroll down main street... waiting to see the castle.  The twinkle in their eyes when a character comes up to them.  The laughs when we are riding a roller coaster.  It truly is MAGIC!

My favorite vacation memories are the ones made at Disney World.  I will never forget when we were sitting in front of Cinderella's castle watching Wishes Night Show and I looked over and my son has his eyes closed and he was making a wish!  Or the first time my daughter met Cinderella!  Cinderella took special care to come get Addi and walk her back to her thrown.  I'll never forget them holding hands and my daughter looking up at her in awe.

{Or this great memory}  We stopped in at the pirates store after riding Pirate of the Caribbean to try on our Pirate Gear!  Aarrgghh!!!!  

Thanks Disney for all of the Great Memories!

I invite you to visit www.bodylogicmd.com!

Thanks bodylogicmd.com for allowing me to write a quick blog post about my Disney Memories.

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Clothespin People

I found this on Pinterest today...
&&& I thought - great for counseling!

I am pretty sure it drives my husband crazy.
OK- I am positively sure, it drives my husband crazy.
...everywhere I go, I am searching for new ideas for my office and/or counseling program.

I am thinking these would be great for play therapy.

This pic is from Heather Ross Blog.
Here is the link to her blog post.

Check it out.
{Counseling Hearts}