Do you ever....

Have a day where you feel like this???

{No, not the cute kids smiling because they are having a BLAST at DW}

The beautiful step-sister????

Going EEEKKKK!!!!

{Let's hope my school picture for the yearbook doesn't turn out like this!}

This was a picture from our Disney World vacation from 2 years ago....

{I'm dreaming, I'm DREAMING.... of going to Disney World}

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Today's entry is going to be about...

What Disney means to me???

Disney is such a wonderful place for my family.
Yes, we had the honor of taking our twins two year ago, but
before that....
My husband and I went there on our Honeymoon.

Everyone say... "AWWWW!"

We had an absolute blast.
We still joke about going to get coconut cream pie in the middle of the night.
{Ohhhh, the Disney food!  Love it!}

Our little family of two, that has now doubled, started with a
Honeymoon to Disney World.

So, what does Disney mean to me?
More than I can explain or try to put into words.  My heart is full of joy when I think of Disney World. I think of starting our new marriage, I think of the first time we were able to take our children there, and I think {dream} of when we can go again and eventually take our grandchildren there.

What does Disney mean to me?
Love, laughter, memories, measuring every day to see if my little Addisyn was tall enough to ride splash mountain, waiting in line so my son can meet his hero Buzz Lightyear, fun, family time, and so much more!

Disney World is such a wonderful place to visit.  I promise you will have tears of joy, laughs to go with all those wonderful memories, and love in your heart for the Famous Walt!

I have a quote I keep in my counseling office from Walt Disney,
"It's Kind of fun to do the impossible!"

I often have people comment on it.  I tell students all the time...
"Don't say you can't, don't give up on your home life, don't let that kid continue to pick on you..."
"Do the impossible!"

So, today...
Don't have an EEEEKKKK! kind of day...

"Do the impossible!"

{Counselor 2 Counselor}


Barbara said...

I saw a poster last night that say, "Difficult things take some time to accomplish; impossible things take a little longer." ... or something to that effect, and now this post . . . someone's trying to tell me something. I LOVE the picture and your hopeful words. I often tell people that compared to where I could be, I live in Disneyland . . . and now you've got me singing that Cinderella song . . . impossible . . . thanks for the amazing reminder. I needed it today!

The Corner On Character

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