For many of you that might remind you of the classical Disney song or the movie! For my family, it reminds them of the moment when they can look up at mom and find a little sparkle in her eye...a tear of joy of course!

I really do not need an excuse to write about my Love for Disney! Everyone that knows me....will say - She LoVeS Disney!

But, but, but... For my fabulous blog fans... &&& for the opportunity to win a trip for my family. I have no shame in sharing this Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah moment.

At the opening of each day at Magic Kingdom the train comes in with all the Disney Characters singing and dancing. My favorite part is Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah!

&&& in that little moment my heart feels with joy and I ALWAYS look down at my twins sitting in their strollers to see their smiling faces!

&&& then the countdown to the park begins! My husband loves to look over and see the little tear. It gets me every time. It's the Disney Magic! The extra care they take. I feel like a kid again. I wish I could put into words the joy my heart feels when I get to share these special moments with my family. Really... Isn't that what life is all about?

Special moments that make you feel like your heart could burst. Special moments with your family. Special moments when my kids have my full attention. Special moments that I know will last a lifetime.

You have to experience it!

Check out to see how you can enter to win a Disney vacation!

&&& I hope you have a Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah DAY every day!

&&& don't forget to capture your families special moments!

Our special moment of... "I swear we go to Disney for the kids!!!"


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