Beginning of Year

I just finished meeting with students over the past two weeks for our first Guidance Lesson.  

Every year I start off by reading a book that I create about myself.  It is nothing fancy!  Just a Big Book made from poster board that goes like this....

Welcome to Guidance
My name is Mrs. Harrell. (picture of me)
I am the school counselor. (silly picture of a school counselor)
However, I once was a student just like you. (pictures of me when I was in school)
I have a family. (pictures of my family)
I love my family and my family loves me. (more pictures of my family)
When I am not working, then I love to travel. (pictures on vacation)
This is my office. (picture of office)
My job is to help students solve problems and learn new things. (rest of book is clip art images)
I want you to be the best you can be! 
You can always come visit me when you need to talk to someone about
school, home, friends, or anything on your mind.
Everything you say to me stays in my office unless you are hurting yourself, hurting someone else, or someone is hurting you.  Then, I have to let someone else know, so you can be safe.
I will come visit with your class for Guidance lessons and teach you many new things to help you be a great person.
I also meet with students individually and in small groups.
I hope we have a great school year.

{Hope you can create a BIG book about yourself and add your special touch!}

{counseling hearts}


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