My Office

I decided to show a few pics of my office...
My home away from home!

{look past the piles and mess}

Now remember I am K-12th grade!
So my office is not overly elementary!
I also have an AMAZING storage closet.
{maybe I should show that}
My closet is where I keep my sand tray, games, playdough,
more books, etc......

My bookshelf that my wonderful and talented husband made for me!

My favorite thing is....
My office door!  I created this from a Pinterest inspiration.
Since I am on two campuses all day, my high school
students will leave me notes when they need something.
I have a spot where they write transcript requests, and then also
a place where they can leave a note.
It has been amazing to have!

From the hallway into my office.

{Another Pinterest Inspiration}
My door TABLE!
My husband helped with this also!

This is a bulletin board outside my office.
I keep Senior/college related information on the book stand
and then our ACT/SAT info. on the bulletin board.

This is our Dual Credit Bulletin Board.
I keep all the forms on here, so they can pull them out as needed.

And finally another little bulletin board outside my office
for Seniors.  I am about to redo this one!


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