{Back to School Favorite Lesson 2}

From Barnes & Noble
Swimmy is a happy black fish who lives in a school of red fish until a big tuna eats all of his brothers and sisters. Lonely and sad, Swimmy searches the sea and finally finds another school of red fish. These fish are too frightened to swim in the ocean, so Swimmy comes up with a plan: all the red fish swim close together in the shape of one giant fish, and black Swimmy is the eye!

I use Swimmy to help the class understand that we
are all ONE!

First, we read the book

We first discuss their classroom rules:
What are they?
Why do we have rules?

Then, we discuss individuality.
What does it mean to be an individual?
Is it okay to be ourselves?

Being a group:
How can we be an individual in a group setting?
Why should we stick together?

Then, I tell them that I or the teacher of their class
is the EYE!
We lead you, guide you, teach you,
and help you grow.

In order to grow as a class, we have to work together.

Students then all work together to create a classroom pledge.
Depending on the age, you will need to guide them through this process.

Typically, you can help them come up with something similar to this:
Our class pledges to work together, respect one another, stand up for one another against bullies,
follow the rules to keep us safe, and help each other grow this year.

After we write our pledge on butcher paper.
I like to cut one like a big FISH!

Every student gets a red fish.
They can sign their name to the fish
{taking the pledge}
and we create a large fish!

Now, there is one black fish for the eye
to represent YOU!

 Check out my Pinterest Board for a picture of this Bulletin Board.

{just keep swimming}


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