Teacher Appreciation

Danielle had a really cute idea at www.schcounselor.com
about a Birthday wreath for teachers.

It made me start thinking about ways to create a 
POSITIVE and collaborative school environment
for our teachers.

So, of course I turned to Pinterest to begin my search 
for new creative ideas to keep the morale going
on our campus!

School Counselor has a great article called:
Taking Your School's Temperature
and how school climate affects students and staff.

Simple thank yous and small gifts can help you build a relationship
with your staff, and make the environment more conducive to learning.
Everyone needs a Thank You and a Pat on the Back!

How do you contribute to your school's temperature?
Do you reach out to teachers to help them and say, "job well done?"
Are you working collaboratively with your Administration Team?
Are you creating new energetic lessons to incorporate in this High Stakes Testing Error?


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