Being Different

Every year I use books when discussing
we are all unique and different.

I teach students that it is OKAY to be different
we are all DIFFERENT!

I tie this into bullying and respecting one another.

I am always on the hunt for great books.

I am a children's book JuNkIE!!!

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Velvet is odd. Instead of dolls that talk and cry, Velvet brings a milkweed pod for show and tell. She wins the class art contest using only an eight-pack of crayons. She likes to collect rocks. Even her name is strange-Velvet! But as the school year unfolds, the things Velvet does and the things that Velvet says slowly begin to make sense. And, in the end, Velvet's classmates discover that being different is what makes Velvet so much fun.
Although she dresses differently from the other girls and does things which are unusual, Velvet eventually teaches her classmates that even an outsider has something to offer.

Isn't Velvet a cutie tootie!?!?
I am thinking we can create little Velvet to display in the hall!

I think this book will come in handy with little girls being mean also.
{We all need a good book for that!}


Heather's Heart said...

I love the name of your blog! I truly believe that is part of a teachers job. I love reading literature to help teach children to be more kind and helpful. Your blog is going to be so helpful to me! =)

Have your heard of Conscious Discipline. It is amazing and is all about building your school family. It teaches children to be kind, helpful, assertive, and encouraging. It also teaches them how to handle their emotions in a more positive way and to be problem solvers. They have a series of books with a lightning bug named Shubert that are wonderful. I would love for you to come read more about it on my blog. =)

I am your newest follower. =)

Heather's Heart

Kayela said...

Heather- Thank you for your comment! I checked out your blog. Love!

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