the {crawl}

i AM crawling to the finish

It is definitely December and I feel as though I am about to cross the finish line of Christmas Break.  Only a few months ago, I was packing a great lunch for my kids, had their backpacks ready, and clothes laid out the night before school.  However, at this moment I am doing the exact opposite.  I didn’t realize how I was completely failing at this thing called motherhood until last week. 

Addisyn came home with a star sticker on her face.  I asked her, “How did you get that awesome star?”  (Anticipating a great response like: I was quiet today, I was a great helper, or I was caught doing something great….)  Instead, her response was, “Mom this is what happens when YOU sign our discipline folders.”  My response, “Oh- so you get a star when mom does her mom job?”  “Yep, mom and you are not always the best at that.”

UGHHHH!  Yes, I sometimes forget to sign that lovely little folder that comes home every – single – day.  But I always look at it and it is always blank – which means my kids are doing good.  Although, their teachers repeatedly tell me that they talk nonstop.  HMMMMM… not sure how that all works, but it is working out for my kids!  So discipline wise- they are doing great! 

But let me say – in my defense.  I am tired.  I am tired of the spelling words, the nightly chapter books, & the math facts.  I know I am such a bad mom right now.  (I shouldn’t even be writing this post and admitting my defeat.)  I am an educator people!  I get the importance of all of this.  BUT- it is almost Christmas and I desperately need a mommy – school break.


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