Grinch Bullying

I am currently teaching a Bullying lesson over
You're a Mean One Mr. Grinch!

I start off by showing students a video clip of the Grinch at school from the movie.  Here is the Youtube Link:

The Grinch at School

I ask students how was the Grinch different from the other Whoville characters?
-He looked different.
-He was green.
-He was hairy.

The students made fun of the way he looked and the gift he wanted to give Martha.

We then read the story and I show them my little Grinch.  He comes out of a green bag...

I put together a packet for the students to work through.

(Mean, ugly, rude, stinky)

This page says:
If you are being bullied.
1. Tell them to stop.
2. Report it to your teacher.
3. Ignore, walk away, and think of your JOY.

When you are feeling sad or mad, if someone is upsetting you, don't let it bring you down.
Think of the JOY in your life.

Draw a picture of yourself in the O.
Write things that bring you joy in the letters J and Y.

I also created a page similar to the one above that asks
"Write adjectives to describe the Grinch's Heart at the beginning of the story."
(small, cold, mean)

I also included some coloring pages from free sites.  I just googled Grinch coloring pages.


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