Santa Letters

The truth about Santa Letters...what they really say!

Ho!  HO! hO!

Santa Letters being published in the local newspaper might be a small town "thing" that occurs.  Even if those cute little Santa letters no longer get published in your local newspaper, your teachers may partake in this Christmas tradition.  Are your students still writing them?  Are they hanging on their lockers or on a teacher's bulletin board?

Well, our small town still publishes those cute little letters and I always hurry to get multiple copies for my children's scrapbook and all the grandparents.  However, this year as I was reading those Santa letters I was really shocked!  Yes SHOCKED!  I am not sure how I missed this, but Santa letters reveal so much about our students.  

My children attend the school that I am also a counselor for.  So, as I read through the Santa letters I noticed things about my students that I miss in the hallways.  I read about a little boy that wished for his mom to come home because he didn't know where she was.  I read about another student that was hoping his parents would make up for Christmas.  I read about a little girl that wanted money to give her parents because they didn't have any.  

Santa letters show so much that we often miss.  They really say, I need someone to talk to!  I am struggling at home.  

Take time to read those cute little letters, where ever they may be posted.  I certainly learned a lot that I didn't know before about the students in my hallways.


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