Soda Pop Head

I had the amazing honor of listening to Julia Cook at the Texas School Counselor Association Conference.  I LOVE HER!

This year, I am working extremely hard to set up lessons for each grade level that are unique and different.  That way.... I don't have to keep recreating every year.  In the past, I would take the same lesson and adapt it for each grade level.  Then, I discovered that year after year I was running out of great ideas.

Lesson 1 for 2nd grade was Soda Pop Head!  

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Before we read the book, I asked the kids to write down one thing they already knew about volcanoes on a sticky note.  They stuck their "What I Know" sticky note on the chart above.

We read the book and then talked about ways to control our anger.
We then came up with "Rules for Being Angry..."

To end the lesson, students had to write down one strategy they would use to keep from erupting!


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