6th Grade Guidance

I always struggle with my preteen middle school student's guidance lessons.

Until..... I found this!

I am not going to waste your time {okay... or mine}
posting where I found all the super cool 7 Habits handouts, videos, and lots of freebies!

Just go HERE ----- Pinterest!

I have to be honest.  I was a little worried that my 6th graders would think {blah, blah, blah} BUT they loved it.

Here is the run down:

Each lesson, we will discuss a habit of the 7 Habits of Happy kids.

For lesson 1, our topic was Be Proactive!

I asked the students what does is mean to be proactive?
Students, then had to write down things they were in charge of.  What are choices you can make for yourself? {ideas: choose my friends, choose my clothes, choose what I eat, etc.}

We also did an activity where students had to write down the things they control and those they do not. Some of the ideas I gave them were: a parent's bad day, my day, walking away from trouble, asking for help, where I was born, what other people say or do, etc.

We then watched the videos, I posted to my Pinterest boards.

There are a lot of great ideas out there for lessons geared toward being proactive!  Enjoy!


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