Tattling Guidance

Does your Kindergarten and possibly First Grade teachers ever hit you up on tattling???

I have seen several ideas and used most of them.

I LOVE the book Tattle Tongue by Julia Cook.

I have taken a piece of paper and drawn out a tongue similar to the one above to use in a lesson.

Julia Cook also has Activity Books to go along with her children's books.

Found this on Pinterest via Jennifer Cavendar.

You can also take a shoebox and decorate it.  I then put a tongue, like the one
from Julia's book, to have hanging out off the box.  I cute a small opening at the
top of the box, so students can tattle tale to the box!

I have also seen where teachers have a tattle tale animal.
Above the animal they create a sign that says,
Tell it to the Tattle Tale Lion (etc.)

You can download this poster from

If you need great ideas for Kinder...
Check out her stuff!  Super Cute!

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