Diversity Snowflakes

I create a large snowman out of butcher paper and ask students to explain DIVERSITY!

Do most know what diversity is???? NO!  Even my Jr. High Students do not remember.

So, I then explain to them what diversity is.

{we are all different, none of us are exactly the same, it is okay to be different}

Then we start a fun 30 minute SNOWFLAKE party!

I always do a quick lesson on how to fold paper, where to cut, and model a few snowflakes.

Then, we get out our scissors, turn on Frosty the Snowman music,
&&& cut!

We end the lesson by going back over what DIVERSITY is.
&&& that no two snowflakes are alike!

We then decorate our school halls with hundreds of snowflakes for winter!

{Let it SNOW, let is SNOW, let it SNOW}

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