Counseling Techniques

Think back to when you entered your theories class in graduate school, all bright-eyed and ready to take on the world.  Do you remember that moment?  What about the moment when the class was coming to an end and you may have been like me, anxiously waiting to get that final paper behind you on: "What counseling theory do you most relate to?"  One thing I have learned with experience is that not one single theory defines me.  Some counselors may find that revolting.  I probably would say I most align to cognitive behavioral and solution focused therapy.  Which leads me to some great positive outcome questions that I hope you currently use in your program as a school counselor.

"If a magic wand was waved over your head and solved your problem, what would be different?"
"If you were getting along with your classmates, what would you be doing different?"
"If you woke up tomorrow and something changed for you, what would it be?"
"If you went to bed and hoped for a miracle to occur, what would that miracle be?"

Maybe you have a student with a behavioral issue.

“If you woke up tomorrow and a miracle happened, and your problems were gone, what will be different about the way you act, feel and think?” 

The next step, after defining the problem is to move toward a solution.  The miracle questions can help your student see things that maybe they did not see before.  This vision that is instilled, will help the student become their own problem solver.  Remember, with SFBT, the student is the expert on their life.


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