Bucket Filling

This school year I have been diligently teaching Bucket Filling to my elementary students.  I have been amazed at how my teachers have incorporated it into their classrooms, and how the students are using Bucket Filling Language.

EVERYTHING I have used can be found on my Pinterest Board!

I created a cute little bucket to start my first lesson with, that I saw on Pinterest.  I asked students, "what are things you can fill a bucket with?"

{Of course they had no prior knowledge of "Bucket Filling" so they said things like seashells, sand, eggs, etc.}

Then, I read the Bucket Filling book.  We then went back to my first question....
But changed it to, "what are ways we can fill each others buckets?"

I really believe the most helpful creation from Pinterest was taking a poster board and having students sit in a circle and create a list of Bucket Fillers and Bucket Dippers. 

We have tied Bucket Filling into our bullying lessons also.

I printed posters to place around campus and for every teacher to have in their classroom of the bucket pledge and "Have you filled a bucket today?" sign.  Found on Pinterest!

I ended the lesson with students doing a Diversity lesson.  I had students get together in groups of 3 or 4.  I then asked them why they chose the students in their group.  Of course, they said "that's my friends!"

I then, counted them off, and had them recreate their groups.  I told them I "Diversified" their groups.  They are now mixed up!  Each student wrote their name on a slip of paper.  Then, they had to give their paper to another person in their group.  The paper said,
"I would like to fill your bucket my saying....."

I told students they were not allowed to say "I don't have anything to write, I don't know that person, etc."  {or that would be bucket dipping!}
I reminded them that they have had the same class with that person for 6-weeks and should know something GREAT about everyone in their class.

This lesson went great
I had to share!

Good luck and have fun!

{counselor 2 counselor}


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